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We all love playing Holi. Holi, the festival of colours, enjoying sweets and smearing beautiful colours on each other’s faces.

But while enjoying the festival of colours, it is very important to care of skin, hair, eyes and ears as there are harmful chemicals in colours.

Enjoy the festival, at the same time follow some tips which are necessary to protect your skin and eye from getting damaged due to these harmful colours. The colours used in holi may contain impurities like sand particles, fungal spores, powdered glass to give metallic shine to the colours and some colors are mixed with engine oil.

If anybody gets exposed to these toxic colours while playing holi and these chemicals get inside the eyes, they can cause redness, itching to eyes. It is a natural tendency to rub the eyes as soon as anything gets in the eyes and then the cornea gets damaged. If not timely treated the injury caused to eyes can further produce ulcers and can permanently cause loss of vision.

Some people use permanent colours, metallic colours which cause disastrous effect to our skin leading to skin allergies and rashes.

Water balloons, when hit on eye with force, can cause serious injuries like retinal bleeding, retinal detachment and sometimes permanent loss of vision.

To keep our skin, our eyes healthy and safe, kindly follow some precautionary steps.


1. Apply a thick layer of vaseline, olive oil, argan oil or any other oil to lock the skin pores. This will prevent the penetration of colours into the skin and will minimise the damage.

2. Wear LOOSE COTTON FABRIC with full sleeves and cover the body to the maximum.

3. Also apply a THICK LAYER OF OIL ON HAIR which will prevent dryness and not allow the colours to penetrate into the scalp. Incase of long hair, its better to tie them into a braid.

4. CUT THE NAILS to avoid any colour getting deposited deep inside the nail and also to avoid any injury caused while applying colours onto others face.

5. Always try to use organic colours.

6. Make use of good SUNSCREEN LOTION to protect the skin from harmful effects of UVA, UVB rays.

7. Wash hair with just plain water first, this will remove most of the colour. Use a MILD SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER to clean hair.

8. While taking shower, avoid scrubbing the body with loofah or any hard substance to get rid of colours. The colours used are harsh and scrubbing may cause more injury to the skin. Just make use of soft foaming shower gel. Remember to MOISTURISE the skin with good body lotion.


1. Before playing with colours, it is better to apply argan oil, any oil or MOISTURISING CREAM BELOW THE EYES.

2. If using spectacles, do wear it even while playing with colours as it will protect the eyes.

3. Avoid touching your eyes or rubbing them as it may cause irritation. In case, the colours go into your eyes, wash your eyes with cold and clean water immediately.

4. A strict NO to contact lenses. Do not wear contact lenses while playing Holi.

5. DO NOT RUB EYES incase some color goes in your eyes, just wash them repeatedly with water.Try not to touch your face and eyes with colored hands as they may transmit dirt and cause infection.

6. WEAR SUNGLASSES AND CAP for extra protection. The skin around the eyes is thinnest and thus needs special protection..

7. Incase if eye is hit with water balloon and there is any issue with your vision, immediately contact the nearest eye specialist.

8. Do not self – medicate. In case of an eye injury, it is best to seek the help of an eye care professional. Immediate treatment will always help restore eyesight.

The festival of colors is a time of celebration and merrymaking with friends and family.

Its our responsibility to understand the seriousness of using harmful colours and its damage caused to health as well as the environment.

It is very important to adhere to some necessary precautions that will ensure that the festival is enjoyed by everyone in a safe way.

We hope that the bright colors of Holi always fill your heart and home with joy and happiness.



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