Things you must do, Post-Covid care

10 November, 2020

Things you must do, Post-Covid care

COVID-19 is a novel disease and vastly different from a regular viral fever. This novel Coronavirus first erupted in China and since then it has spread worldwide and WHO declared it as a Pandemic.

The disease is highly contagious and has paralyzed many lives across the world. Most of the people after getting infected have developed adequate antibodies which prevent them from contracting the virus again.

Post-Covid Care is very important for those individuals who come in contact with the Covid-19 virus.

Prevention is always better than cure

The guidelines suggest everyone cover their face with a face mask, wash hands regularly and practice social distancing.

Simple things to be followed Post COVID-19 -
1. Workout & Exercising -

The most common complaint which many of the patients experienced post Covid-19 was fatigue, chest heaviness, chest pain as lungs were prominently involved in the infection.

Doing simple workouts, exercising might be troublesome in the recovery phase as the body feels tired and is weak, so gradually introduce it in your daily schedule.

2. Yoga and Pranayam -

To increase the breathing capacity, provide oxygen to the body and get rid of the toxins, patients are advised to do Pranayam, the best exercise. Yoga asanas will gradually increase muscle strength and overall increase the flexibility of the body. With the introduction of these workouts in daily routine life, the patient's respiratory system improves.

These activities will make the patients both physically and mentally healthy.

3. Practice eating a nutritious healthy diet -

To increase immunity and replace the worn-out cells from the body it is very essential to have a balanced diet including vitamins, minerals, protein rich diet. The patient has to keep themselves hydrated by increasing their water intake. It will definitely help in speedy recovery.

Due to the infection, the patient might have received a heavy dose of medicines and would have been under stress. So to make the patients free of stress and healthy, they have to be supplemented with an extra dose of multivitamins and minerals.

Patients have to include green leafy vegetables, eggs and safe poultry to compensate for the lost nutrients. Food has to be taken in limited portions as the body is making an attempt to return back to normal state.

4. Short term memory loss -

Some patients may go through the feeling of short term memory loss or attention deficit problems. In order to regain the lost attention, the patients are suggested to invest time in solving puzzles, memory games and activities that make them think harder. They have to start those activities which are feasible and continuously keep on challenging themselves to build the sharpness. It is a bit difficult but not impossible. These practices will definitely help them to get back to normal life.

5. take enough rest and look out for alarming signals -

The patient has to take adequate rest till they feel fit. Take maximum help wherever it is required to avoid exertion and make up for the lost energy.

They have to take precautions even if they experience the slightest headache, bout of breathlessness , bout of breathlessness or tiredness. It is very important to keep a check on any of these noticeable signs and immediately report to the concerned primary care physician.

If the patient has any chronic illness and if they are taking regular medication for the same, it is strongly advised to monitor the symptoms closely like changes in blood pressure, sugar levels etc. they have to consult their doctor and check if the dosage needs any revision.

6. Good Social Connectivity -

It’s very important for any patient recovering from Covid infection to constantly interact with friends, relatives and family members. This boosts their energy levels and keeps them motivated. The recovery rate speeds up due to the positivity of their mindset. It has become very easy to connect with people staying far away through social media.

The most important thing to keep oneself preoccupied is either by reading books, listening to some soothing music or even watching some good motivational talks on youtube. This can help in healing the mind of the patients during the recovery phase.

The energy can be saved by prioritising the most important tasks first and leaving the other unimportant tasks to be finished later. It will take time for life to get back to normalcy hence the patients are advised to give themselves enough time and not to be in a rush to bounce back immediately to the previous life.

They have to remember that they recently battled an illness that has severely attacked their immune system.

Following these simple tips will definitely guide the patients as well as their relatives in coping with the recovery phase of the patient.

Simple guidelines to be followed by everyone in the society are to cover the face using masks in public places and practicing social distancing. To maintain the immune system with an intake of proteins, vitamins in daily diet, keeping hydrated, getting enough rest. Performing yoga, pranayam to increase the breathing capacity and keeping in touch with friends so as to avoid stress, all these simple things will definitely help in the speedy recovery of the patient.

Nothing is impossible if decided….So accepting the challenge and moving in life ahead will make the individual more stronger and positive towards life.

We, at LIFEBLYSS, encourage patients and motivate them to stay cool and accept head on the challenges that this pandemic has thrown upon us.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!
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