Happy Diwali

14 November, 2020

Happy Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, the festival of bonding together, time to rejoice. It’s the time to celebrate with our loved ones, expressing the joy of happiness and living together.

Friends, relatives come together to celebrate, spend quality time with each other, enjoying delicious, mouth melting homemade sweets. It’s the biggest festival among all the festivals and celebrated in a grand way.

People enjoy the privilege of receiving bonuses and gifts which they get from their companies.

But this year, in 2020, the shadow of pandemic and its effect can be seen and felt worldwide. Lay-offs, salary cuts, fear of losing jobs have all added to the lockdown. Many of them have experienced / have gone through the phase of this deadly Covid-19 infection or any of their family member being hospitalized.

Still there is a lot of buzz in the markets and shops. People are afraid to step out and are taking utmost precautions while shopping.

The festival can be celebrated taking into consideration of the simple rules which should be followed by everyone for a safer society.

We all can together fight against this pandemic and emerge out safely to see forward a beautiful, healthy world to live in.

Some simple instructions which we all should follow:-

1. Reduce noice and air pollutionn -

Say no to crackers

We all should support the government in their mission to control the infection by encouraging their thoughts on putting a ban on the sale of crackers. We should educate everybody, even our kids to say NO TO FIRECRACKERS or any form of burning waste, as smoke released from these burnt products can create air pollution and trigger serious health concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic which is still active. The smoke is dangerous as it contains carbon particles and inhaling these poisonous fumes may aggravate the pre-existing allergic conditions. So its very important to follow the norms and rules laid down by the government for our betterment.

Request the elderly people and kids to stay indoors -

Elderly people are to be requested to stay at home to avoid contracting the infection and meet their family members, relatives through social media. As its always better to maintain a safe distance so as to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

3. Keep sanitiser away -

Sanitisers are alcohol based, so they can cause fire hazards. Nowadays as everybody is been habituated to using hand sanitisers for their protection, while lighting diyas or candles they may end up with an untoward accident. So it is recommended to wash hands with soap and water, before doing any work that involves fire.

4. Maintain physical distance and wear a mask -

Due to the Pandemic situation the most important and easy rule to follow is to avoid meeting people physically and if at all the work demands meeting people, maintain a safe distance. Festivity is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds, but this year it has to be celebrated in a different way. Namaste is the best way to greet people in this kind of situation. While stepping out of the house don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

5. Relish on home cooked food and home made sweets -

Home made sweets and cooked food is always preferred as it is healthy and hygienic. Eating food from outside should be discouraged and avoided because it may invite stomach infections affecting your immunity and overall health.

People with diabetes and hypertension need to be more careful as they may get tempted to have sweets during this festive season due to excessive availability.

Although having sweets in moderation can still be allowed as it might not cause excess harm to the body. Nowadays sugar free sweets recipes are available on various social medias like Google, YouTube. So these recipes can be tried at home and people can enjoy them without any guilt-feeling, taking care of their health.

This festival of lights, Diwali brings in lots of happiness and joy in everybody’s life. This year also people will celebrate with the same energy levels, high spirits but by staying indoors to take necessary precautions against the infection. The world has come closer through social media and network systems so everybody can enjoy this festival by virtually connecting to each other through video calls. Taking care of health, following all the rules and regulations laid down by the government as precautionary measures against COVID-19, celebrate Diwali in a grand way, to be remembered forever.

We, Lifeblyss wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Safe Diwali...

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!
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